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Belfast City Marathon Sponsorship

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Finances as CompareNI Partner Marathon with Money Health Check Tool

January has been the month of setting new health and fitness goals for 2022 as many people from across Northern Ireland set their sights on the marathon, team relay or 8-mile walk in this year’s Mash Direct Belfast City Marathon.

But how many people have considered a financial health check this January? With the cost of living on the rise and energy bills at an all time high, it’s never been so important for households to review their spending.

Data from the financial services industry indicates that Northern Ireland is the region of the UK where people are most worried about money. 48% of people are stressed and worried about money regularly and 39% of people in Northern Ireland feel they need to adjust their way of life to cut back and make it easier to cover essential spending.

The same findings show that 82% say running helps clear the mind - reducing stress & anxiety, with research showing that a daily 20-minute run improved the athlete’s ability to deal with stress by 29%

Organisers of the Mash Direct Belfast City Marathon are delighted to announce they will be working with new sponsor,, to help launch its MoneyHealthCheck – an online tool designed to give tips on how to create more savings for Northern Ireland households and help people understand their finances, so they can make real changes that put their mind at ease. is born and bred in Northern Ireland, currently celebrating its 12th year helping local families save money.It wants to take this further and support local communities by helping them reduce financial worries, save on household bills and avoid overspending.

Ian Wilson, Managing Director, says - “We feel a healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand.The Mash Direct Belfast City Marathon is the ideal partner to support our new initiative and encourage people to get fit and healthy, reduce their spending and ease financial worries.We are looking forward to working with the event for its 40th year as we celebrate our own 12th milestone helping local families save money.”

As part of the sponsorship, created a social media competition, giving fans cash prizes of £272 each, the amount a typical customer saves on their car insurance with team also launched a real live version of their family favourite, Fisherman Rod, to meet the kids across the marathon Bank Holiday weekend, giving them stress relieving fishing boats and a £30 Amazon voucher, available when purchasing car insurance through

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