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Fintech Scholarship LIVE

The Fintech Scholarship launched across both and to support students and increase diversity of skills in the fintech sector.

The aim of the scholarship is to encourage students from outside the world of fintech to explore what it could potentially offer them as a career and enter a short but insightful blog post on what the next generation see as the future of fintech.The industry is facing a very serious talent shortage which is a growing concern across the sector.This scholarship hopes to attract a diverse range of students from across the academic syllabus, who may never before have considered this path as a viable option.

Seopa’s approach to fostering greater diversity in its sector has been hailed by politicians, academics and business leaders across the UK.

Greg Wilson, the fintech entrepreneur behind comparison site, had this to say about the company’s new Fintech Scholarship -“Talented graduates are the lifeblood of the fintech sector and in our experience, teams that are more diverse tend to perform better and create more sustainable growth for the business.

“The financial sector is being reinvented and we need aspiring students to think outside the box and drive innovation forward.The list of contributions made to fintech by those with non-traditional backgrounds is extensive and the main driver behind the disruptive nature of fintech which has been so pivotal in embracing change.

“We want this scholarship to be a trigger that opens minds and shows talented young English students where they could be in 5 years’ time.”

The successful candidate will receive a £1,000 bursary which can be used to cover part of the cost of their studies, course materials or any other living expenses. Each of the UK's four regions will have their own individual winner.

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