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Pulling through by pulling together

This Christmas Seopa gifted £15,000 on behalf of our partners to support the work of Macmillan, Age UK & RSPCA.

With the pandemic sweeping the world from the start of the year it’s been a very challenging time for many – and for the charities that support them. At Seopa we have all been very fortunate that business has been able to continue as usual from the comfort of our own homes, which is why this year we wanted to give back to the community by supporting charities that support the community.

We understand that people can have personal preferences towards certain charities which is why we wanted to give our partners the gift of choice this Christmas. The staff at Seopa nominated three charities that they felt would likely be particularly hard-hit by the pandemic and let our partners choose which charity they would like their donation to go towards.

As a result of our partners' nominations, the donation of £15,000 was split between the following 3 charities- Macmillan Cancer Support, Age UK, RSPCA.

Macmillan Cancer Support – Macmillan has had a very challenging time in the last 6 months trying to maintain their services providing specialist healthcare, information, and financial support to people affected by cancer.

Age UK – With lockdown restrictions in force and many older people required to self-isolate our elderly community have been relying on charities like Age UK more than ever. Helping to battle loneliness across the UK and providing support and advice to those in need, Age UK has been the shoulder many of our elderly needed this year.

RSPCA – We couldn’t forget that while it’s been a tough year for the population many of those hardships have also affected our furry friends. RSPCA provide emergency pet cover for people going into hospital, food and shelter for animals whose owners can no longer support them, along with rescuing abandoned pets across the country.

Our Values

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