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SeopaCon 2019!

We recently brought together the teams from our Belfast and Timisoara offices to plan the next stages of our company’s aggressive growth strategy.

Meeting on the Spanish island of Majorca, our teams from the UK and Romania celebrated the company’s recent achievements.


Our Deloitte Best Managed Companies award win in March, for instance, as well as the many new partnership agreements we’ve signed with leading insurance and utilities brands during the past year, and the development of pioneering new comparison solutions like our new bicycle insurance comparison system, which is one of the first insurance aggregators for cyclists in the UK.


Building on that success, our teams then spent time working together to plan out the company’s key priorities and growth strategies for next year, exploring how each of our team members can collaborate and contribute to move the company towards achieving those goals.

Needless to say, we made time for a range of fun team-building activities too, including go-karting competitions, sailing expeditions and culinary experiences.

As a fast-growing company with team members spread across two different European countries, our annual company conference plays a vital role in fostering interdisciplinary innovation at Seopa. It’s fair to say that this year’s conference was a huge success and has helped to lay the groundwork for our company’s ambitious growth plans.

Our Values

Our company values are influenced and informed by an independent, entrepreneurial spirit, as well as by our commitment to providing customers and partners with a world-class level of service.



We are innovative and strategic.
We find better ways to do things.



We maximise productivity and value for money.
We minimise waste and duplication.



We are one team - diverse, loyal and respectful.
We welcome new ideas, challenge and change.



We are ambitious, positive and driven.
We celebrate the success of our company and colleagues.



We are responsible, trustworthy and dependable.
We do what we say we will.